About us

Divanis Gallery begun its official operation at Metsovo on 31st December 2011 and is specialized in anything related to old Greek art as well as with the branch Islamic art concerning the Ottoman Empire. Before that, Dimitrios Divanis was a freelancer of many important and old galleries which deal with pertinent issues in Greece and abroad either by providing them consulting services or by forwarding akin artifacts via those galleries.

His continuous pursuit with this specific object since 1985 initially as a collector, brought him in contact with hundreds of collectors and thousands of objects, giving him today -beyond trading works of art- the ability to give documentation services concerning an object as well as advisory directions about the creation of a collection.

Concurrently with the operation of the gallery, Dimitrios Divanis is fulfilling a decade research paper for his first book about 18th and 19th century greek silver cartridge boxes based on his personal collection which is wider and more complete than the public or personal collections having been composed since now.